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Deuce - Thank You (Lyric Video)

Durée: 4:59 Vues: 181 587 Ajoutée: il y a 4 années
Description: Official lyric video for 'Thank You' by Deuce from the new album 'Invincible'.

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Deuce - Thank You (Lyrics):

It feels like forever since I’ve been gone
I know I couldn’t have made it back on my own
It was rainin’ more than ever I know
You gave me a second chance just like before
Now I’m not alone
I crawled out of this hole
Did what I was told
Made it out the cold
I was losin’ my hope
My freedom
My own strength
I could barely hold on


So, when my time comes please forgive what I’ve become
Yeah, when the time comes will you sing me one last song?
Thank you, thank you for that
You gave me one more chance
This is not the end, but where it began
Thank you, thank you for that
You let me live again
This is not the end
This is where it all began

We used to be stronger than we were now
We could have almost anything but fell down
Didn’t think that I’d make it but somehow
Just like a friend you managed to come back around
The voices were loud
Knees were on the ground
As if I had drowned, couldn’t make it out
I was losin’ my hope, my freedom, my own strength
Couldn’t see through the crowd


In the end
We’ll pretend
We’ll do it all over again
Between life and death
Hold your breath
Remember times we were our best
Go ahead
Tell them all we’re not stoppin’
Ain’t got no time for rest.


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