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From Ashes to New - Downfall (Lyric Video)

Durée: 3:50 Vues: 182 525 Ajoutée: il y a 6 années
Description: Fan-sourced lyric video for “Downfall” by From Ashes to New, off the brand new album 'Day One.' Order now:

Verse 1:
I’m broken and beaten down
I feel so defeated now
It’s me against the world
I feel like I’m the one who’s bleeding out
My minds so depleted now
Should I just be leaving now
Can I restart it all
Control alt delete it now
I’m tired of yesterday let’s see what tomorrow brings
I’m trying my best to say these words I keep swallowing
Demons keep following me
Screaming they’re calling for me
No more free falling for me
I’ll steal the time I’m borrowing

Pre Chorus:
Dreams are dreamt broken
Worlds shattered and choking and
I’m stuck here hoping
There’s something for me

We all fall down sometimes and it makes it hard to believe
We can learn to somehow survive no matter how much we bleed
We can make it
And now we know
We can make it
So don’t let go

Verse 2:
Every time I wake up it’s hard to believe I opened up my eyes
I try to stay up but I keep on falling and I don’t know why
Everything’s fucked and I can’t keep living wearing this disguise
Can I change my luck or am I stuck in time until I die

After it all we are the one’s who suffer the downfall

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