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"Skyfall": Teaser Trailer, New Single Out April 2nd, 2021| HELLOWEEN

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Description: On April 2nd, 2021 the spectacular new Helloween single "Skyfall" will be released! We kicked off the pre-order of our upcoming single "Skyfall", that will be available on CD, digitally and in two different vinyl versions.

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Single 1: Vinyl, CD, digital:
'Skyfall' (single edit) + 'Skyfall' (exclusive alternative vocals mix). Both are exclusive single versions and will not be on the album. Around 20 minutes playing time.

Single 2: Vinyl only
'Skyfall' (single edit) + 'Indestructible' (exclusive album track). This is a strictly limited version of the new single with one exclusive album track.

Pre-order the singles here in the format of your choice:

The epic 12 minute track "Skyfall," written by Kai Hansen, has the long yearned "Keeper Of The Seven Keys" vibe, but isn’t musically telling the whole story of the album - this has a musical arch spanning every era: from unforgettable times to glorious newer adventures all the way to the upcoming first album of the HELLOWEEN new age. "Skyfall" tells about an alien landing on earth and a dramatic chase, while Kai Hansen, Michael Kiske and Andi Deris duel with each other in a breathtaking manner and create a broadband adventure - including a lyric sheet with colored blocks identifying the singers, as well as a video that is formidable. Produced by Martin Häusler, it will be the most elaborate clip in the history of the band, the story to be shown with 3-D animation and having a cinematic look – in these times almost a dinosaur in implementation!

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