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The Ocean - Pleistocene (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Durée: 6:42 Vues: 85 782 Ajoutée: il y a 2 années
Description: Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic is out September 25th, 2020:

Female Actor - Zsuzsanna Biro
Male Actor - Sam J. Schiavo
Extra - Csilla Kőműves 

Built, shot and edited by Craig Murray
Camera assistant - Csilla Kőműves 
Production assistant - Gergely Korossy-Khayl
Practical effects - Craig Murray and Rufus White
Writer / Casting / Costume - Lubomyr Witkin

Shot on super8 in Budapest and London

Thanks to Anna Kiesser, On8mil, Analog Cafe Budapest, Garbor Korossy-Khayl, Productioncrate, Olwenn Martin and Edain Bradley

#theocean #phanerozoic #pleistocene